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elson mastering is dedicated to making high quality audio mastering accessible to all artists regardless of where they are in their career.

Mastering engineer Scott Elson's goal is to make each client’s artistic vision a sonic reality by bringing out the absolute best in musicality and sound quality.

He collaborates with artists, producers, engineers and labels from all parts of the world, and from a wide range of musical genres.

Get in touch to find out how he can help with your next project or send him a track for a free mix evaluation.

Scott is my first call for mastering. For all his technical mastery, he never loses sight of the music. I can flow seamlessly with him between technical and musical issues, and never have to explain what I mean.

He adopts the project as a contributor, with an authentic interest in helping me fulfill and exceed the expectations of my artists and clients.

Scott is a powerful ally and has become a friend I count on to check my work and make it better.

Ken Hutton

Engineer, Producer

Mark Knopfler, Tim McGraw, Suzy Bogguss, Sawyer Brown


Our purpose-built mastering suite was designed for great acoustics and provides an accurate environment for making informed sonic decisions.

Everything in the signal chain matters. Some tools add color while others are transparent, so we wield gear wisely - only using what’s needed and appropriate.

We've filled it with choice gear from the likes of PMC, Bryston, Mytek, Manley, SSL, iZotope, Waves and Sonnox among others.

Analog. Digital. Vintage. State of the art. We don’t discriminate and are always on the lookout for quality equipment.

Add the experienced ears of a seasoned mastering engineer, and it all comes together to create a space where your musical vision comes to life.

Have a listen to our playlist and the wide range of musical genres. The results speak for themselves.

I have worked with Scott on several occasions in the last 12 months. He has an excellent "ear" for all genres of music and also the technicalities involved in getting the final product just right. I recommend him highly.

John Ratcliff

Discovered, managed and produced a-ha
who have now sold in excess of 100 million records

VU Meters


While a lot can be accomplished in mastering, the best place to start is with a well-balanced mix. Along with the services below, we are always happy to offer free mix assessments for our clients. Upload a track via our DropBox account to get the process started.


Mastering is the final creative step in the audio post-production process. We'll fine tune the sonic balance, address any technical issues, and make sure your music sounds great across all systems and media formats. Projects come in many forms - singles, EPs, albums, soundtracks, compilations and even audio for video projects.

Mastered for iTunes

To be officially badged as Mastered for iTunes, the masters delivered to Apple must be created by an engineer on their official Mastered for iTunes Provider List. This ensures the engineer has followed Apple's protocols and the audio has been prepared for encoding in their AAC file format without error.

DDPi Masters

If you are making CDs, a DDPi (Disc Description Protocol) is the ideal format for delivery of your record to the replication facility. It's an absolutely error-free master that creates a superior sounding CD which is also more reliable across a wide range of players.

CD PreMasters (PMCD)

A physical PreMaster CD is typically used in CD duplicaton where smaller runs of discs are being produced by burning and not stamping. We can create and error check the physical disc to ensure a quality master. We can also create additional CD reference discs for listening purposes only.

Digital Masters for Vinyl

If you're cutting vinyl, there are sonic considerations to take into account in order to make sure your record translates well to the medium. We can also deliver high resolution files to your cutting house formatted correctly for the length of each side.

Transfers and Restoration

You may not be able to play your cassettes or DATs that have been sitting in the closet for a decade. The first step to preserving that audio is transferrring to a digital file. From there it's possible to do remove unwanted hum, hiss, pops and noise, and enhnace the audio in many ways.

Scott is incredible to work with. Super nice dude and very professional. Even though the material we presented him with was recorded in a very DIY manner, he managed to pull out albums that sound like real albums.

We had no idea what we were doing, but he spoke in a language we could understand and the results were beyond what we could have hoped for.

Tristan Gallagher

Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer

Covered in Bees, Man-Witch, Eggbot

scott elson

Scott grew up with an appreciation for a wide range of music due to a family that was active in both performance and education. Early studies in piano eventually led to the guitar, ongoing band memberships and an inclination to capture the music that surrounded him.

After completing degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Music, Scott joined Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios in 2001 as a staff engineer. His initial duties consisted of digital editing and creation of final production masters, but he was soon assisting in daily mastering sessions and eventually starting taking on mastering clients of his own.

Scott founded elson mastering with the goal of making quality mastering available to artists of every stature. With a foundation tailored to the needs of audio and music production, he brings a unique combination of technical expertise and creative feel to every record he is a part of.

Scott is a member of both the Audio Engineering Society and The Recording Academy’s Producers and Engineers Wing where he votes in the annual Grammy Awards.

Scott Elson

Scott has done an excellent job mastering our songs. He understands the sonic challenges that electronic music can present, especially when integrated with more traditional instruments.

He is friendly, comfortable to work with and has authentic enthusiasm for the music. We couldn’t be more satisified.

Bill Machon

Engineer, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Echoes On Track

Manley Massive Passive Equalizer


Every project is unique. Call, email or fill out our inquiry form to get a quote and start the booking process.

As a supporter of the independent music community, we offer competitive rates for unsigned bands. We'll do our best to work with your budget.

Giving back to the community is important to us and we enjoy offering volunteer services when possible.